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1. By the end of 2019, our company have produced more than 120 sets rubber conveyor belt production lines.
2. By the end of 2019, our company has exported more than 10 sets rubber conveyor belt production lines.
3.Since 2007, our company and Qingdao Science and Technology University have successfully developed 4500-ton series rubber plate vulcanizing press.
4.Since 2011, our Company has provided 10 sets conveyor belt production lines to ZHEJIANG SANWEI Company, including one set 3200 * 12600 steel cord conveyor belt production line.
5.Since 2007, our company has provided 15 sets conveyor belt production lines, 4 sets fully automatic and 6 sets semi-automatic forming lines to Qingdao Global Group.
6. Since 2010, our company has provided 6 sets conveyor belt production lines and one set semi-automatic forming line for Dongying Longyuan company.
7. In 2015 years , our company independently developed an extra large column structure vulcanizing machine 3,000 tons pressure and a single cylinder size of 1500mm.
8. In 2014 years, our company provided 30 sets rubber vulcanizing machines to Hengshui Taiwei. Since then, this series of vulcanizing machines has been produced throughout the country.
9. Our company adopts Japan YUKEN hydraulic valve, and Schneider Electric parts for all products.
10. our company has provided experimental equipment for famous rubber laboratories, such as Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University, Tsinghua University, Bridgestone (Shenyang), Qingdao Global Group, Jianda Tire (Indonesia), Tektronix (Shanghai), etc.