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Congratulations June 13th, 2019 was a moment that needed to be remembered in the development of Xiangjie Company.
On the day, we successfully got an order of special compression molding machine for the production of aircraft engine parts with domestic unit.
 As for the aircraft engines, it is recognized as the “Pearl of the Crown” in the modern industry, as it concentrates on the most cutting-edge technologies in industrial technology.
 Longitudinal classical mechanics, in the application of this scientific field, has already reached its utmost. The engine's operating temperature can reach 1700 ° C, the rotor is tens of thousands of revolutions per minute (normal motor speed is 1000 revolutions per minute), and the centrifugal force that can withstand is equivalent to 40 tons of weight.
There are only a handful of countries in the world that can independently produce aircraft engines.
This can be certified, and the performance of Xiangjie's molding machine is certainly ahead of its time.
The recognition of Xiangjie Company for this honor is affirmation and encouragement for our unremitting efforts over the past 15 years!
 Here, I am also very grateful to everyone who can see this good news!
Because, since you can see it, it may be now, or in the past or in the future, it is a person who helps support Xiangjie, and is also a person who has a relationship with Xiangjie.
再次深表感谢! 也期待您一如既往的支持!    
Thank you again! Also look forward to your continued support!
祥杰人:    永远不负众望!   永远致力于科学技术发展为主导!                  
Xiangjie people: Never live up to expectations! Always committed to the development of science and technology as the leading!
Be practical! Seriously do things!