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Happy Chinese Festival 2021

The mouse bid farewell to the old year, and the golden bull sent blessings. We have gone through ups and downs, and it is not easy to make a real mouse. We have sent away an extraordinary 2020 when the epidemic is raging and the economy has suffered serious setbacks. We are full of enthusiasm and usher in a new year where risks and opportunities coexist.

In the past year, in response to the global outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the decline in product exports and other unfavorable factors, we have adhered to the path of technologically prosperous enterprises, and continuously improved the overall technical level and research and development capabilities of the enterprise; expanded domestic demand and actively expanded the domestic market. We developed and produced The new products XLB-D850*800/6.3MN brake pad forming machine and XLB-Q4000*1600/20.0MN column vulcanizing press were included in Qingdao’s key enterprise technological innovation projects. Among them, in April 2020, our company It has reached a cooperation with a Swedish company that produces rubber seals, and the large-scale high-precision column vulcanizing machine developed and produced for it is an alternative to imported products.

2021: Taurus welcomes the Spring Festival, and the cattle will turn the world. In the new year, Xiangjie people will work together, work hard, increase investment in science and technology, and continue to develop high-tech, intelligent and environmentally friendly high-end rubber machinery patented products and military products. I hope we will go hand in hand, sincerely cooperate, and create a better s future.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the general manager of the company Chai Shourui and all the staff sincerely wish friends at home and abroad that the Year of the Ox will be prosperous, prosperous, prosperous, and prosperous fortune!