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Xiangjie New Year Message

After a rough, stormy boat; go forward and keep making progress. With the hard work, our Xiangjie people sent away the difficult and extraordinary 2016, full of confidence, and ushered in 2017 with opportunities, passion, challenges and hopes.
2016 is a year in which our company has transformed its traditional management concept and consolidated its internal management. It is a year in which the “Xiangjie” brand products are continuously completed, refined and enlarged. In this year, due to the global economic recession and the weak climate of domestic and foreign markets, Xiangjie Company took marketing as its top priority, increased the participation of domestic and foreign products, and expanded the sales channels of products; 2016 In the second half of the year, we undertook orders for two wire rope production lines produced using ST/S10000 advanced standards. This is a unique production line that can be developed according to this standard in the same industry in China, and is an alternative to imported products. The conveyor belt forming machine produced by the company has also been recognized by the world's third-largest rubber conveyor belt production, which greatly enhances the company's popularity and product sales space.
In the new year, although the market economy situation is still not optimistic. However, we have won a stable market and recognized domestic and foreign friends of Xiangjie products, the market situation is very good. In the next step, we must strengthen the R&D team, pay more attention to the road of science and technology, accelerate the construction progress of the R&D center of Qingdao R&D Center, and continuously develop new rubber machinery patent products with high technology content, high added value, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. We are willing to go hand in hand to create a better tomorrow.
The Golden Rooster is welcoming the spring, and the good fortune is new. On the occasion of the coming of the new year, the general manager of the company, Chai Shourui, together with all the staff, sincerely hopes that friends at home and abroad will be happy in the Year of the Rooster, happy family, prosperous business and prosperous!