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Xiangjie New Year's Greeting

The jade pig resigned, the golden rat gave blessings. We are full of passion and welcome 2020 full of challenges and opportunities.
In 2019, we will adhere to the road of science and technology and vigorously expand domestic and foreign markets. Focus on scientific research in one hand and continuously improve the overall technical level and research and development capabilities of the company; the company's leading product, the flat vulcanizing machine, was identified as a Qingdao specialty new specialty product and won two awards from Huangdao District and Qingdao Municipal Government. The two new products, XLB-1800 * 1800 / 15MN vulcanizer and XLB-2040 * 1320 / 12MN side plate vulcanizer, have been included in the Qingdao Enterprise Technology Innovation Key Project Plan and won the reward of Qingdao R & D investment; Seven new products have won national patents. Focusing on marketing in one hand, the company has expanded its domestic sales space and export channels by participating in various domestic and foreign trade fairs and ordering fairs. The export volume of products accounted for more than 40% of sales revenue.
In the new year, we have the strong support of domestic and foreign merchants, and the hard work of a dedicated workforce, Xiangjie will create greater glories. In the next step, we need to strengthen our R & D team to continuously develop high-tech, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly rubber machinery products and military products. We hope that we will work together to work closely together to create a better future.
Golden rat welcomes spring, Vientiane is updated. When the New Year is approaching, the company's general manager, Chai Shourui, and all the staff sincerely wish friends at home and abroad a happy year of luck and wealth!