Qingdao Xiangjie Rubber Machinery

Enterprise spirit
Focus on effectiveness, continuous improvement, pioneering and innovation, striving for first-class.
Corporate purposes
Create scientific management, build an excellent culture, achieve outstanding teams, and be a first-class enterprise.
corporate philosophy
Quality first, customer first, honesty and truth, and innovation.
Moral concept
Honest and trustworthy, sincere cooperation, dedication, dedication.
Corporate behavior
Take employees as the foundation, customer-centered, and develop with integrity.
Dedication is to respect oneself, love is to love the family, and the achievement of the enterprise is to achieve oneself.
I rely on the company to survive, and the company depends on me to develop.
Simple things are done, you are not simple, ordinary things are done, you are not ordinary.
Use the means to grasp the management, and the Bodhisattva loves the staff.
As long as the goals are the same, all contradictions are not contradictions.
Turn your ideals into behaviors and turn behavior into results.
Constantly add trouble to yourself and provide convenience to customers in a timely manner.
Management philosophy
If you are wise, please bring out wisdom. If you don’t have wisdom, please take out sweat. If you have neither wisdom nor sweat, please leave the company.
Xiaosheng relies on wisdom, wins by virtue, works with the heart, and uses the brain to do things;
More communication, less complaints, more understanding, less disputes;
Can’t serve others, can’t be smart.
The law is enough for the wife, the light fortune is enough to gather people, the body is enough to lead people, and the amount is wide enough to win people;
Sales for customer service, production for sales service, design for production services, administrative services for everyone;
If you work hard, you can only do things right and do things with your heart.
The quality of the employees is educated, and the results of the employees are required;
To make the results better, let the behavior get better first;
If you want to behave better, let your attitude get better first;
Successful shortcuts continue to improve every day and progress a little bit per person per day to improve a little;
Develop a good habit for yourself and leave a good impression on others;
Cherish today and go all out to create a successful life.