2600X12600/14800TSteel cord conveyor belt production line

Wire ROPE/FABRIC CORE CONVEYOR BELT production line is one of the main products of the company, two of which have won the national invention patent. Four products have been approved by Qingdao Economic and Information Technology Commission in 2017 /2018. In recent years, the company has produced more than 100 conveyor belt production lines for domestic and foreign customers, including: 15 conveyor belt production lines for Qingdao Global Company; 9 production lines for Zhejiang 3D Company; 6 production lines for Shandong Longyuan Company; And has been exported to foreign production lines up to 11.
In 2017, XLB-Q3200*12600/182MN wire rope conveyor belt production line developed and produced by the company, through comprehensive research and innovation, the production process can meet the requirements of the new strength standard ST10000, breaking the current domestic high standard ST7500 level. The project was assessed by experts.
Application/Performance characteristics:
The whole production line: spindle frame, tension station, fixed carding, forming car, front clamping, main machine, multifunctional belt pulling unit, belt cutting machine, crimping packaging machine and other devices.

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